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More homes are now eligible

You and your family deserve a warm, dry, healthy home this Winter. To date, the EECA has managed to install heaters all around Aotearoa in nearly 11,000 homes. You too can enjoy a warmer safer home with Taupō Refrigeration and Air Conditioning coming aboard to install heat pumps.

To find out if you are eligible, call us on 0800 500 009 and we will arrange a free no no-obligation quote. If you are happy with the quote we’ll arrange a contract for you to pay the non-funded portion of the heat pump. Unsure? Give us a bell and we will run through the process with you, step by step.


General cost for a heat pump

Expect the amount you need to pay to be $400-$700. This will depend on the size and brand of the heat pump. Heat pumps provide instant heat and temperature control with a thermostat, and have low running costs if used properly. Your unit will be sized to heat the room it’s installed in, not the whole house.

If you are eligible, call us on 0800 500 009 and we will arrange a free no obligation quote. If you are happy with the quote we’ll arrange a contact for you to pay the non funded portion of the heat pump.

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Do I meet the criteria?

As of this past August of 2023, the government has expanded the eligibility criteria for grants, meaning they’re available to around 58,000 more homeowners, and you may be eligible to claim between 80-90% off the cost.

Don’t just throw on another blanket to beat the Winter chill — read on to find out how you, or your family, may be eligible for a Warmer Kiwi Homes grant.

Checklist for a heat pump grant

  • You own and live in a home built before 2008.
  • You (the owner) have a community services card or live in an area identified as low income.
  • You have ceiling and underfloor insulation installed to EECA standards. If your home has been insulated through a Government insulation program, they’ll confirm it when you apply for a heater grant. Otherwise, we will do a quick check at no cost to you.
  • Your home doesn’t already have one of the following fixed heaters that are operational in any living area of the house: heat pump, wood or pellet burner, flued gas heater, or central heating system. If your home has one of these heater types, it is not eligible for a heating grant.

You and your family deserve a
warm, dry, healthy home this Winter

Find out if you’re eligible

Don’t let another winter pass by without the comfort of a quality heat pump. Partner with Taupō Refrigeration and benefit from our exclusive Warmer Kiwi Homes collaboration.

  • Instant Warmth: Enjoy immediate temperature control.
  • Savings: Potentially claim up to 80% off installation costs.
  • Tailored Solutions: Heat pumps sized perfectly for your room.
  • Trusted Partnership: We’re backed by the Warmer Kiwi Homes program.

Don’t let the cold catch you off guard; fill out our form or dial 0800 500 009 to ensure a toasty winter.

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