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Heat Pump Deep Cleaning System

Heat pumps are like a petri-dish – you have moisture, you have heat and you have darkness – the key ingredients for mould. Mould spores thrive in air conditioning evaporator coils.  Contaminants are made up of bacteria, mould, mildew, viruses and other micro organisms. Mould spores and mildew will often give the room a musty smell.

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Comprehensive AC Maintenance

Beyond Filters with the Hydroforce System Cleaning your filters is a very important part of your AC unit maintenance.  However, filters are not the only part of your indoor unit that requires regular cleaning. Our Hydroforce system includes thoroughly cleaning and sanitising internal components.

A large custom made bag is then attached to the unit to catch all the sanitising and cleaning chemicals which run down into a collection container for disposal. The final step of the cleaning is a deodorising and bacterial spray. Watch our short 1 minute video.

Get Cleaner, Fresher Air Today!

Breathe easier knowing your AC unit is not only clean but also free from harmful contaminants. Our Hydroforce system goes beyond mere cleaning; it ensures a thorough sanitization and rejuvenation of your entire system.

  • Deep Cleaning: Eliminate mould, mildew, and bacteria.
  • Efficient Performance: Boost your AC’s lifespan and reduce energy costs.
  • Fresh Ambiance: Say goodbye to musty odors and hello to pure, clean air.
  • Eco-Friendly: All collected waste is safely disposed of, protecting our planet.

Don’t let your indoor air quality be compromised. Fill out the form now and experience the Hydroforce difference!

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Taupo Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is your trusted partner for top-tier domestic and commercial air conditioning solutions in Taupo. From tailored designs to unmatched servicing for your AC and heat pump systems.
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Heat pumps create the perfect environment for mould and other contaminants, often leading to musty odors in rooms. Our Hydroforce system not only cleans but also sanitizes and deodorizes, ensuring your AC unit remains fresh and efficient.
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Taupō Refrigeration and Air Conditioning have partnered with The Warmer Kiwi Homes program powered by the EECA to install heat pumps in the Taupō area.
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