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Tailored Refrigeration for Kiwi Farms

Taupo Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, where New Zealand’s farming heart meets world-class refrigeration solutions. With nearly two decades in the industry, our expertise and innovations champion the unique needs of our dairy community. From Bay of Plenty to South Waikato, our legacy is built on dedication, excellence, and an unwavering commitment to our farmers. precision cooling that keeps New Zealand dairy at its best.

Reliable Dairy Cooling System

Dairy Cooling Services

For milk of impeccable quality, precise refrigeration is key. We’re your partners in this journey, from seamless installations to dependable maintenance.

  • Water Chillers, Glycol Chillers & ICEFORCE Dairy Icebanks Setup
  • Expert Refrigeration Units Installation
  • Custom Maintenance Plans
  • 24/7 Emergency Breakdown Support

Crafted with precision, every refrigeration solution is aligned with your unique dairy shed requirements.


Bespoke Refrigeration Solutions

Each of our systems is thoughtfully designed to cater to your dairy shed's power, cooling, and water dynamics.


Decades of Dairy Expertise

Serving 300+ dairy farms in areas like South Waikato and Bay of Plenty has enriched our knowledge. Our team is your dairy's best ally.


Reliability Meets Excellence

Our equipment stands as a testament to unmatched performance and durability, constantly raising the bar in dairy refrigeration.


Always There, Always Ready

Because farming challenges don't wait, neither do we. Our 24/7 support ensures seamless dairy operations, no matter the circumstances.

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Excellence in Dairy Refrigeration

Discover unmatched dairy refrigeration with Taupo Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, serving faithfully since 2002. Celebrating nearly two decades of excellence in Taupo and neighboring regions.

  • Specialized Service: Catering to 300+ farms, some with herds up to 2000 cows, spread across a 170km radius. Our 7-vehicle fleet promises timely, professional service.
  • Innovative Edge: The NZ-made Ice Force stainless steel ice bank speaks volumes about our commitment to local dairies. Reliable, cost-effective, and compliant with MPI regulations.
  • Safety Above All: Prioritizing health and safety with thorough documentation and continuous training. Ensuring the well-being of our team and clients.

Glycol Chillers Dairy Farm

Water vs. Glycol: Making the Right Choice

Water and glycol chillers have their merits.

  • Water Chillers: Known for swift heat transfer, they offer cost-effective solutions but may require regular maintenance to deter issues like biological growth.
  • Glycol Chillers: They stand out in resilience, especially in colder regions. While they promise long-lasting service with minimal upkeep, their initial cost might be a tad higher.

Consult our experts to align your choice with your farm’s aspirations and long-term vision.

Your Dairy Cooling Partner

Navigating the dairy farming landscape comes with its challenges. We’re here to simplify refrigeration for you.

  • Deep Knowledge: Celebrating 20+ years of unwavering dedication to the dairy community.
  • Technological Prowess: Our NZ-made Ice Force ice bank is crafted for the local farming landscape.
  • Safety Commitment: Unyielding focus on health and safety, offering peace of mind to our cherished farmers.

Secure the best for your dairy. Contact us today!

Our Business Services

Precision Dairy Cooling Technology

ICEFORCE Dairy Cooling

The future of dairy chilling with our state-of-the-art system, designed specifically for New Zealand's unique dairy needs. Achieve precision, reliability, and cost-efficiency, all while ensuring compliance with MPI regulations.
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Comfort Zone Hvac Solutions

HVAC - For Businesses

Step into the comfort zone with Taupo Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, your local experts in HVAC for businesses across the Central North Island. From heat pumps to advanced ventilation, we bring the best of Kiwi know-how right to your doorstep
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IQP – Independent Qualified Person

Navigating the complexities of building regulations and safety standards can be daunting. If you're seeking a Building Warrant of Fitness (WoF), rest assured – we have an IQP for the issue of SS9.
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