Ice Force system comprising of stainless steel coils arranged inside a purpose built tank.This system has been designed and built locally to meet the requirements of both the MPI cooling regulations and the individual farmer, the main advantage of ice bank cooling is the ability to capitalize on available power to build the ice with the additional benefit of the refrigeration load being greatly reduced , in some cases the refrigeration cycles off during milking, this allows savings in both electrical consumption and costly refrigeration repairs due to the reduction of wear and tear on the condensing unit, this effectively decreases the overall life cycle costs of the refrigeration milking equipment. The stainless steel coil is housed within a durable 3300 litre concrete tank which gives excellent thermal protection during both winter and summer, the tank has an insulated lid for easy access.

These systems are robust and fit for the harsh environment found on New Zealand Dairy farms.

Ice Force can be connected to existing refrigeration to share the duty with vat chillers or connected to their own independent refrigeration unit.

With vary few connections and no moving parts maintenance is minimal.

Save on primary water

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